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¿What is ADVI?

     The ADVI Convention is an annual event of great relevance in the travel industry, organized by and for travel agents committed to improving their agencies and raising their service standards. Since its first edition in 2020, with the exception of 2021 due to the pandemic, this Convention has experienced constant growth year after year, it has become an essential meeting point for professionals in the sector.

     The ADVI Convention stands out for its focus on providing tools and resources that allow travel agents to strengthen their agencies and stay current in a constantly evolving tourism market. Over the years, it has developed a reputation as an exceptional training space, where renowned providers provide up-to-date and valuable training to help agents hone their skills and knowledge.

     One of the highlights of the ADVI Convention is the opportunity tonetworkingthat it offers. Here, agents have the opportunity to establish strategic alliances with colleagues and companies in the industry. These connections are essential for the growth and expansion of your agencies, as they allow collaboration and the sharing of innovative ideas.

     The coexistence with colleagues is another key aspect of this event. It provides a conducive space for the exchange of experiences and the creation of lasting personal and professional ties. The ADVI Convention not only strengthens the travel agent community, but also contributes to raising the quality of service throughout the industry.

    In summary, the ADVI Convention has proven to be an essential annual event for travel agents looking to improve their agencies, expand their knowledge and build strong relationships in the industry. Its constant growth over the years is a testament to its success in meeting its objectives and enriching the travel agent community.

     In addition to its focus on providing tools and training opportunities for established travel agents, the ADVI Convention also plays a critical role in supporting those who wish to enter the travel agency business. This convention is committed to advising and supporting people who are taking their first steps in the travel agency industry.

     For entrepreneurs and those interested in venturing into the world of travel agencies, the ADVI Convention offers valuable resources, information sessions and practical guidance. This includes the opportunity to learn from experienced travel agents and industry leaders, who share their knowledge and offer advice on how to set up and successfully run a travel agency.

     The ADVI Convention is committed to helping newcomers to the industry, not only contributing to the continued growth of the travel agency sector, but also encouraging diversity and innovation by welcoming new voices and perspectives.

     In short, the ADVI Convention is not only concerned with the success of independent travel agents, but is also dedicated to fostering the emergence of new talent in the industry, providing them with the necessary support and guidance to start and develop their own successful travel agencies.

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